Briox Scanner/Archive

Reliable storage location for your files, documents and scanned receipts, invoices and journals
10 £/month

Scan receipts with Briox mobile app

With our app, you can easily scan your receipts with your mobile phone. Once the receipt has been stored in the archive, you can link it to your journals and supplier invoices.

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Share your files with others

Share files with others who need access, such as colleagues, the board, the accounting consultant, the auditor, etc.

Structure and accessibility

Create your own folder structure and store agreements and other important documents in a structured way where you can always access them.

This is always included in Briox Scanner/Archive

Scan documents with your phone

Speed up your receipt handling by scanning them and automatically storing them in the archive.

Safe storage of your documents

In our archives, you have a secure storage for all your files, no matter whether they are documents, receipts or agreements. The Archive will even keep an eye on any due dates your documents may have.

Share files via the archive

Each folder in the Archive has a unique email address that you can mail files to. These can then be shared instantly with your colleagues who have access to those files according to the permissions defined.