Briox Invoicing

Smooth billing online that gives you a clear overview of payment status on all your invoices.
10 £/month

Handles the entire sales flow, registration, distribution and payment

Briox manages the entire billing flow. When the invoices are registered, you can send them by e-mail. The payments are collected from your bank and matched with the associated invoice.

Du can also create invoices from Sales orders

Reminders and Interest Billing Features

With Briox reminder management, you decide exactly when reminders are created. You send them by email with a simple click. If you use interest invoicing, you also create these in Briox and let the program to calculate the amounts to be invoiced.

Contract billing support for you who use subscription services

If you sell subscription or subscription based services, you can handle this easily in Briox. Create the subscription in Briox and let the program automatically create the invoices at each invoicing period.

This is always included in Briox Accounting

Keep track of your customer invoices

Once registered, you clearly see with the help of our colour coding which invoices are paid, unpaid or overdue.

Recurring invoicing

Recurring invoicing is a handy feature for those of you who invoice your customers at regular intervals, for example for rents or subscriptions.

Flexible payment handling

You can choose to register your payments manually. Alternatively, you can use our mass management functionality or upload a file from your bank to make payment management more efficient.

Customised invoice templates

You can easily create custom invoice templates so that both content and layout are just the way you want it.

Automatic reminders

If your invoices have not been paid on time, you can send reminders to your customers with a simple click of a button.

Reports to keep track of the situation

Briox reports give you full insight into the state of sales. Resource lists, age analysis and customer statistics are examples of reports you receive in Briox.

Add-on services:

Simplified order management

With the add-on module Order, you can easily create quotes, order confirmations and delivery notes that are linked to each other and which can also be turned into to a customer invoice.


Invoice Time

Report time into Briox and seamlessly create an invoice and detailed time attachment which you can send straight to your customer.