Closing the UK market

10. June 2019

Dear visitor of our Briox website, Thank you for being interested in Briox.

Over the last few years, Briox has focused mainly on the Finnish and Estonian markets to grow our customer base. Briox has also decided to expand further into the Baltics, the consequence of which being that our focus on the UK will not be prioritised in the coming years.
As a consequence of these decisions Briox has decided to leave the UK market.

This means that Briox will close down its services in the UK as from September 31st 2019.

What happens now?
You will need to choose another software for your accounting since Briox will not be available after September 31st 2019.

In case you are currently a customer of Briox, you received an email with further information. For questions and assistance with data exports please get in touch with our support.