We want to modernise the way accounting agencies work

Briox simplifies the way your business works. Smoother for the accounting agency, the entrepreneur and the cooperation between you.

You need to do your reporting, but you do not need to make it complicated

We develop web-based applications that make life easier for companies, associations, accounting firms and schools. When we say easy, we mean that you have access to a business system that is easy to use and where you choose which programs you need. Since everything is web based and stored on our own servers, you can work from any connected device.

Fair prices, and free support

With us, you know exactly what you are paying for, even before the invoice arrives. We have a clear pricing with no hidden costs and you get free support. Furthermore we are constantly developing and updating our programs to make them even better.


For companies, associations and schools

Our ERP is all you need for your administration; for example accounting, invoicing, time tracking, CRM and archiving. If you work with teaching economics, it is important to give students access to modern applications. Therefore, we give schools and other educational institutions free access to our business software.