Report time online and get a clear overview of your assignments. Briox Time gives you all the information you need to make smart decisions based on real time data. It offers the possibility to increase your revenue by managing projects, clients and your time more efficiently. The program is integrated with Briox Invoicing (sold separately), allowing you to create invoices immediately after having approved your timesheet.

From 10 £/month
Additional users cost 5 £/month.
If you choose 12 months as your billing period you get one month free of charge.‚Äč

Key Features:

Keep track of your and your employees’ time and expenses. Create detailed time sheets where you can comment on your posts. 
Submit, approve, and invoice time. Mass management and detailed reports are also available to facilitate your work.

Mobile Time. Report, comment, submit and approve time via your mobile wherever you are.

  • Detailed information
    • Register Time and expenses on a weekly basis
    • Enter comments on your registered time
    • Approve time
    • Mass approval
    • Seamless integration with Briox Invoicing
    • Create Time invoices
    • Mass invoicing
    • Create Detailed time invoice specifications
    • Registry
    • - Items
    • - Customers
    • - Projects
    • - Assignments
    • - Assignment templates
    • - Reports
    • - Detailed Time reports
    • - All reports can be viewed on screen, printed to PDF or exported to Excell
    • User Rights & Support
    • - User rights set per feature
    • - Personal settings and preferences at your account level
    • - Support login
    • - Online help texts
    • - Free phone and mail support

Add-on services :

Easy invoicing. Together with Briox Invoicing you can create invoices immediately after approving timesheets. You can also edit the invoice, add any discounts and choose language and currency.

10 £/month

Detailed time recording with Scanners / Archive. Along with Briox Scanner/Archives you can expand time invoices with a detailed attachment stored in the Archive. You can edit the attachment in Time until the invoice has been created.

10 £/month