With our app you can easily scan your receipts. When the receipt is stored in our archive, you can easily link the receipt to an invoices or journal in your accounting. You can even ask your suppliers to email your invoices directly to the Archive. Briox Scanner/Archive makes your work easier and is also a reliable storage for your files, documents and scanned receipts.

From 10 £/month
Additional users cost 5 £/month.
If you choose 12 months as your billing period you get one month free of charge.‚Äč

Key Features:

Scan documents with your phone. Speed up your receipt handling by scanning them and automatically storing them in the archive.

Safe storage of your documents. In our archives, you have a secure storage for all your files, no matter whether they are documents, receipts or agreements. The Archive will even keep an eye on any due dates your documents may have.

Share files via the archive. Each folder in the Archive has a unique email address that you can mail files to. These can then be shared instantly with your colleagues who have access to those files according to the permissions defined.

  • Detailed information
    • 5,00 GB space available
    • More space can be purchased easily
    • Create your own folder structure to store your documents
    • Upload files to the archive
    • Mail documents to the correct folder
    • Mass manage files
    • Scan documents directly to the Archive with the Briox scanning App.
    • Linked documents
    • - Link receipts to journals in Accounting
    • - Link images of your supplier invoices to your accounting
    • - Link documents to companies or contacts in the CRM
    • - Documents can be stored with due dates
    • - Detailed time attachments (if you have Briox Time)
    • Other Features
    • - Customise each folders' e-mail address
    • - Specify how many versions of your documents are to be saved (1 to 3)
    • User Rights & Support
    • - User rights set by configuring user groups, granted access to the various folders of the Archive
    • - Personal settings and preferences at your account level
    • - Support login
    • - Online help texts
    • - Free phone and mail support

Add-on services:

Link documents. When your documents are safely stored in the archive you can then link them to your supplier invoices and journals. The Archive also offers the possibility to create detailed attachments to your time invoices.

10 £/month

Detailed Time Attachments. If you combine Briox Scanner/Archive with Briox Time and Invoicing, you can expand your time invoices with detailed attachments.

10 £/month