Purchase Order

An add-on module for Briox Accounting
Keep track of your purchases and gain control of your inventory. Create purchase orders you easily send directly to your supplier. You can also update your item registry with incoming goods and convert your PO’s to supplier invoices.

Briox Purchase Order is an add-on module used with Briox Accounting.

From 5 £/month
If you choose 12 months as your billing period you get one month free of charge.‚Äč

Key Features:

Update your stock. When you receive the ordered goods, update stock in your Item registry with a single click.

Create supplier invoices directly from your orders. Save time by creating supplier invoices directly from your purchase orders.

Recurring purchases. If you have recurring purchases from the same supplier, you can easily copy previous purchase orders.

  • Detailed information
    • Create Purchase Orders
    • Authorise the creation of supplier invoices from PO's as well as stock updates
    • Create Supplier invoices from purchase orders
    • Create back orders from purchase orders when partial deliveries are made
    • Create invoices (for partially delivered orders)
    • Deliver items to stock
    • Update stock
    • Customise PO list
    • Discounts
    • Row discounts
    • Copy PO's
    • Dispach PO's
    • Send PO's via e-mail
    • PDF printouts of PO's
    • Registry
    • - Update stock
    • - Low stock warning
    • - Tracking on suppliers and items
    • Other Features
    • - Autocomplete
    • - Customise your PO list
    • - Custom templates for PO's
    • - List search
    • - Language management
    • - Currency management
    • - Activity log
    • - Activity log in each PO
    • - Cost Centre
    • - Project
    • User Rights & Support
    • - User rights set per feature
    • - Personal settings and preferences at your account level
    • - Support login
    • - Online help texts
    • - Free phone and mail support