An add-on module for Briox invoicing/CRM

Here you can easily create quotes, order confirmations and delivery notes that are linked to each other and which can also be turned into customer invoices. Since the program is web-based, you can use it while visiting your customers, and if  you do not want to print your quotes or orders, you can send them via email instead.

Briox Order is an add-on module for use together with Briox Invoicing and/or Briox CRM.


From 5 £/month
If you choose 12 months as your billing period you get one month free of charge.‚Äč

Key Features:

Stylish, neat and flexible. Create great-looking quotes and orders based on your customer and product registries.

Practical consolidated invoices. If you have multiple orders that are to be delivered to the same customer, you can collect them all on one invoice. The invoice automatically specifies which orders are included.

Create custom print templates. Customise your own print template with the Briox template editor or simply add your logo to any of the program's default templates.

  • Detailed information
    • Create quotes
    • Create orders
    • Turn quotes into orders
    • Turn orders into Invoices
    • Mass manage orders
    • Deliver orders to stock
    • Create consolidated orders
    • Create partial invoices (for partially delivered orders)
    • Create Back Orders for partial deliveries
    • Customise order list
    • Discounts
    • Row discounts
    • Copy quotes and orders
    • Possibility to lock orders with status "not ready" to avoid them being processed further
    • Dispach quotes and order
    • Send quotes and orders via e-mail
    • PDF printouts of quotes and orders
    • Registry
    • - Update stock
    • - Reserve items on order
    • - Tracking on customers and items
    • Other Features
    • - Autocomplete
    • - Customise your order list
    • - Custom templates for
    • - List search
    • - Language management
    • - Currency management
    • - Activity log
    • - Cost Centre
    • - Project
    • - Prices with or without Vat in your quotes and orders
    • - Various VAT rates
    • - Tracking on quotes and orders
    • Reports
    • - Quotes/Sales Order/ Invoice List
    • - All reports can be viewed on screen, printed to PDF or exported to Excel
    • User Rights & Support
    • - User rights set per feature
    • - Personal settings and preferences at your account level
    • - Support login
    • - Online help texts
    • - Free phone and mail support