Linked Documents

Linked Documents is a simplified version of Scanner / Archive, where you only access the Linked Documents feature. You can easily connect receipts or supplier invoices to your accounting by either uploading the receipt / invoice directly to the registration view or by scanning the receipt with the Briox Scanner App. Alternatively, you can also ask your suppliers to mail directly to a Linked Documents inbox.

5 £ / month
Additional user 5 £ / month
If you choose a billing period of 12 months, one month is free of charge

Key Features:

Scan documents with your mobile device. Speed up the handling of receipts by scanning and linking them to your accounting via Linked Documents.

Secure the storage of your documents. In Linked Documents you have a secure storage location for your invoices and receipts.  

  • Detailed information
    • 5,00 GB space available
    • More space can be purchased easily
    • Upload files to Linked Documents or link directly to the journal or supplier invoice
    • Email documents to the correct folder
    • Mass manage files
    • Scan documents directly to the Archive with the Briox scanning App.
    • Link receipts to journals in Accounting
    • Link images of your supplier invoices to your accounting
    • Detailed time attachments (if you have Briox Time)
    • Other Features
    • - Customise each folders' e-mail address

Add-on services:

Linked documents. If you combine Briox Linked Documents with Briox Accounting, you can attach supporting documents, etc. to your supplier invoices and journals.

Detailed attachments. If you combine Linked documents with Briox Time Reporting and Invoicing, you can enhance your invoices with detailed attachments.