Our web-based software is easy to use but also offers advanced features for those who require it. As you register journals and supplier invoices you simultaneously gain a clear overview of how your business is performing through nicely compiled overviews. The service also includes several smart features that simplify your accounting, regardless of the size of your business or how many transactions you carry out.


10 £/month

Additional users cost 5 £/month.
If you choose 12 months as your billing period you get one month free of charge.‚Äč

Key Features:

Keep track of your supplier invoices. Once registered, you clearly see with the help of our colour coding which supplier invoices are paid, unpaid or overdue.

Full set of financial reports. All the main reports are available for you to acquire a clear insight into the health of your business; furthermore, all reports can be extracted to Excel for further processing.   

Easy management of your daily sales. Create templates based on your cash register receipts to make the process of registering your daily sales as easy as can be.

  • Detailed information
    • Create journals
    • Change history on journal entries
    • Import & Export Journals
    • Reconcile accounts
    • Search amounts
    • Record daly sales
    • Accruals(journals and supplier invoices)
    • Free journal series
    • Handling of different VAT rates
    • Currency management
    • Closing of periods
    • Supplier invoice management
    • - Payment and Posting Authorisation for supplier invoices
    • - Payment proposals
    • Pay supplier invoices
    • - Manual payments
    • - Mass manage payments
    • - Create payment files & send to your bank
    • - Report back payment files
    • - Part payment of invoices
    • Banking
    • - Online banking
    • - Import bank statements
    • - Process transactions directly (create jounals & pay invoices directly from your bank statement)
    • - Work with your account statements
    • Registry
    • - Supplier Regitry with unlimited number of suppliers
    • - Import suppliers to the registry
    • - Project registry (unlimited amount)
    • - Opening balances
    • - Create own accounts
    • - Customise your chart of accounts
    • - Import accounts and chart of accounts
    • - Default accounts allready set-up
    • - Tracking on suppliers and items
    • Other features
    • - Cost Centre Accounting
    • - Project Management
    • - Language management
    • - Automatic coding
    • - Journal templates
    • - Daily sales templates
    • - Activity log
    • - Link supporting documets to your supplier invoices and journals
    • - Budget
    • - Budget distributed by cost centres
    • - Autocomplete
    • - Personal list settings (customise list views)
    • - Payment tems
    • - Payment methods
    • - Rounding
    • Reports
    • - Full set of Financial Reports
    • - Grafical reports
    • - VAT reports
    • - Online VAT reports
    • - Liquidity Forecasts
    • - Subledger Reports
    • - All reports can be viewed on screen, printed to PDF or exported to Excel
    • User Rights & Support
    • - User rights set per feature
    • - Personal settings and preferences at your account level
    • - Support login
    • - Online help texts
    • - Free phone and mail support

Add-on services:

Link images to your accounting with Briox Scanner/Archive. Simplify life by scanning your receipts to your archive with our app, then link them to your invoices and journals in your accounting.

10 £/month

Keep track of your purchases and your stock. With the add-on module Purchase order, you can easily keep track of your purchases and your stock. Create purchase orders that can be sent directly to your supplier, update your stock with incoming goods and convert purchase orders to supplier invoices in a couple of clicks.

5 £ /month