Client Manager

Our client manager is designed for the modern accounting firm. The system includes all Briox programs as well as a flexible user rights system allowing you to tailor your cooperation with customers and give each user access to exactly the features they need. If your customer wants to manage their invoicing by themselves, for example, it is easy to solve. Since everything is available directly in the web-based program neither you nor your customers need to send files outside the business system.

50 £/month
Additional users cost 25 £/month.

Key features:

Access your client's’ accounting directly and in real time
No need to log in and out of the system to be able to work with several clients at the same time. With the Briox Client Manager you can easily move between your various client’s accounting with one click.

A modern program for the modern accountant
The client manager is suited to the needs of the small accounting agency as well as the largest. 
No installation is ever required while free upgrades offer you the benefits of our constant and ongoing development. With as many as 10 upgrades a year. 
You can access your client´s account from anywhere, at any time and without any browser restrictions.You are free to tailor your work to your lifestyle needs.
Briox is safe and easy to use with daily backups of all information.
No hidden charges, no startup costs, no binding contracts/No period of notice
With the client manager you gain access to the full range of briox programs for yourself and your clients. There is no restriction to the number of clients or transactions managed in the system. 
A comprehensible user rights system enables you to tailor your cooperation with every individual client. 

Free support
We offer you and your customers free mail and phone support, as well as online training in the program to set you off to a smooth start with Briox.